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Bureau of Insurance

1997 Administrative Letters

AL 1997-1 Insurance Activities Requiring Persons to be Licensed
AL 1997-2 Credit Insurance Experience Exhibits
AL 1997-3 Rules Govering the Reporting of Cost and Utilization Data Relating to Mandated Benefits and Mandated Providers
AL 1997-4 Equity Indexed Annuities and Equity Indexed Life Insurance Products; Replaced by Administrative Letter 2000-10
AL 1997-5 Senate Bill No. 1104 (The Consumer Real Estate Settlement Protection Act)
AL 1997-6 Legislation Enacted by the 1997 Virginia General Assembly
AL 1997-7 Mail Sent to the Bureau of Insurance
AL 1997-8 Order Vacating Delayed Effect Rate Filings for Certain Lines and Subclassifications of Commercial Liability Insurance Obsolete
AL 1997-9 Application and Enrollment Forms For All Carriers Licensed to Write Life Insurance, Annuities, Accident and Sickness Insurance, Variable Annuities, or Variable Life Insurance in Virginia
AL 1997-10 Notification of Change in Method of Computation of Premium License Tax Credits for Guaranty Association Assessments
AL 1997-11 Rules Governing the Reporting of Cost and Utilization Data Relating to Mandated Benefits and Mandated Providers, Notification of Additional Reporting Requirements for the 1997 Reporting Period
AL 1997-12 Credit Life Insurance and Credit Accident and Sickness Insurance Premium Rates Effective January 1, 1998
AL 1997-13 Instructions for Applying for Viatical Settlement Provider and Viatical Settlement Broker Licenses